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How to Make Your Penis Bigger in 2020

So you’ve decided you want to get a bigger penis – you’re not the first.

Many men deal with the struggles and desires of wanting to get a bigger penis, but if you want to see gains in penis size without spending every dollar you earn and putting yourself at risk, you must do it the right way.

TOP 7 Solutions To Make Your Penis Bigger


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Male Extra

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HydroMax Penis Pump

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VigRX Plus

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#1. Male Extra

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Male Extra was designed to increase libido, ignite sexual confidence, and produce firmer and fuller erections through ingredients which increase testosterone and penile blood flow.

The supplement features natural and safe ingredients. As long as it is taken as directed, there are no harmful side effects to worry about.

Male Extra is highly recommended if you’re looking for a male enhancement supplement that will make your penis a bit bigger.

Male Extra also comes with a 100-day money-back guarantee.

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#2. Viasil

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Viasil gives you bigger, harder erections and increase semen volume.

The supplement is designed to give a powerful natural boost to the male sexual potency and overall sexual health due to the availability of a completely natural mixture of ingredients.

The doctor-endorsed product formula is comprised of botanicals, micronutrients, and non-artificial components with aphrodisiac properties.

Thus, the nitric oxide boosting is clinically backed to generate more impressive, firmer, and stronger erections.

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#3. Bathmate HydroXtreme

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Penis pumps work by creating a vacuum in a tube which not only helps to increase the overall girth and length of the penis, but they have been proven and are recommended by some doctors to help increase the man’s ability to get and keep an erection. 

A penis pump will most definitely make a penis larger however the effects will last for a short period of time. Using the penis pump will be successful in drawing blood into the shaft of the penis which thus makes it longer.

One of the great things about a penis enlargement pump is that it doesn’t require you to feel any discomfort.

Hydroxtreme is the most powerful penis pump on the market today.

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#4. Bathmate HydroMax

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The concept behind Hydromax is simple: it enlarges your penile tissue and chamber via suction, allowing them to hold more blood during an erection, which results in a bigger penis.

With the suction being done in water, it is much more comfortable than regular penis pumps.

One of the things that we loved about Bathmate before purchasing it is that it doesn’t really look like your regular penis pump, and that it offers a 100% money back guarantee – which means that if you’re not happy with the product for whatever reason, you get your money back.

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#5. VigRX Plus

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VigRX Plus is one of the best male enhancement supplement to make your penis bigger. It’s not permanent solution like penis pumps or extenders but it’s the easiest option.

VigRX Plus formula is one of the most potent available on the market today and they do offer a 67 day money-back guarantee.

Damiana, Horny Goat Weed, Hawthorn Berry are clinically proven to increase blood flow to the penis, resulting in visibly bigger, fuller erections.

Muira Pauma and Saw Palmetto increase libido, Catuaba Bark Extract and Asian Red Ginseng give you stamina.

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#6. Quick Extender Pro

Many men would love to have a bigger and stronger penis, better sexual performance and stamina, but no one would like to risk any complications during that process.

One of the most popular and safe solutions is Quick Extender Pro. It uses a completely natural, non-surgical and clinically proven penis enlargement method.

This is one of the most effective male enlargement devices on the market, providing great gains in less than 4 months.

Quick Extender Pro can also cure Peyronies Disease, a curvature of the penis.

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How to Get a Bigger Penis With Pumps

Many men all over the globe have already given a try to the penis pumps and highly appreciated these devices. The pumps are mainly invented for the men with erectile dysfunction. The matter is that the devices promptly cause strong erections, giving the men an opportunity to have sex when they want. However, these devices may be even useful for the men guessing how to get a bigger penis.

The pumps really can make the penis thicker and longer naturally. Pumping occurs due to the traction force applied to the penis. When this force is exerted to the penis, you actually get a bigger penis.

Since the pumping process generates powerful suction force that by the way can be regulated, this encourages blood to simply rush to the manhood. The blood is forced to fill the entire penis, all penile cylinders. It means that the blood is going to rich the places in the manhood where it usually even doesn’t reach without pumping. The penis becomes much thicker than you get used to. And this is how you can get a thicker penis that will surely differ from your ordinary erect penis. So, the penis enlargement happens due to actually the increase of blood flow to it.

Also, since there is a possibility to adjust the traction force, you increase the force applied to your penis and hence enjoy even a greater penis thickness. Note that the hydropumps are the well-regulated devices, while the air-based pumps create vacuum that is not easy to properly control.

However, you should understand that you will get a bigger penis only when it is erect. The flaccid penis measurements will not change in any way. Also, you should realize that the penis size increases only due to the higher blood supply to the penis during pumping. When the pumping carries on, the penis is enlarged. But the results will disappear when the pumping stops. So, the penis enlargement results got due to the pumping are temporary. Don’t expect to preserve these gains.

How to Enlarge Penis with Extension

Still wondering how can you make your penis bigger? And don’t you want to endanger your health by undergoing surgeries? Than the best way out for you is the penis extension by means of the highly advanced penis extenders.

The extenders are the devices developed specifically to replace the surgeries aimed at the increase in penis measurements. These devices are clinically backed and considered absolutely harmless. Cell division and replication is the answer to the question of how to enlarge penis naturally and effectively without the negative consequences to the man’s both intimate and overall health. Thus, the penis extender safely applies a pulling force to the penis. This force should be gradually increased. Due to this, the penile cells divide and erectile tissues grow. Since the new penile tissues emerge, you will finally get a bigger penis.

The more regularly and longer you stretch the penis, the better results you are going to enjoy. The extension will bring you the maximum gains if you patiently and devotedly stretch your penis for at least several months. And you will experience penis growth without any pain.

By using the high-quality device, you will not only substantially elongate your penis but also increase penis girth. This is very important for the man’s sexual satisfaction. Thus, only when the penis measurements such as the length and circumference enlarge at the same time and uniformly, the sexual intercourse quality will not deteriorate but virtually skyrocket.

The greatest news is that when you get a bigger dick under the influence of consistent and regular stretching with the high-quality extender, your gains will not vanish. You will definitely preserve your penis enlargement results without any additional efforts and painless invasive procedures. So, the extension provides the permanent results, just like each man aspires.

How to Make Penis Bigger Visually?

There is a couple of simplest natural ways to increase penis size which really effectively help the men get a visually larger manhood in the flaccid state. To achieve such an effect, it’s necessary to:

  • Remove pubic hair: It’s a widely known fact that the male member is hidden under the pubic hair to a greater or lesser extent. That’s why it seems that the manhood is quite shorter than it really is. So if you think how to make your penis bigger, the quickest and easiest method to do this is the removal of pubic hair. Just shave it without hesitations and you will make the previously hidden part of the member apparent. Your manhood is sure to instantly become longer.
  • Lose excessive pounds: If you wonder how to make your dick bigger naturally, the weight loss is one more technique that will definitely assist you to make penis larger visually. If you are an overweight man, you should shake the extra pounds off in order to become the owner of a longer manhood. The matter is that fat tissue located above the male member masks the base of this organ. It’s necessary to lose approximately 30-35 pounds in order the naturally elongate the manhood. You can even make penis bigger by 1-2 inches in length.

How to Make Penis Bigger With Kegels

The men who are still guessing how to increase penis without any invasive surgical methods, which are often unsafe and doubly effective, are often recommended to practice Kegel exercises. Thus, there is plausible scientific evidence telling that the regular Kegel exercising is the response to the question of how to make penis thicker in an absolutely natural way that doesn’t require any special equipment or necessity to tolerate painful procedures.

To do the Kegel exercises correctly, you should first of all find and feel pubococcygeus or pubic floor muscles. The identification of such muscles is not difficult. You should just cease the urination process somewhere in its middle. The muscles you use to do this are exactly the muscles you need for Kegels. By maintaining the pubococcygeus muscles contracted for approximately five seconds, you then have to relax them. After this, there should as many breaks and repetitions of the pubic floor muscles as you deem appropriate. It’s advisable to devote no less than 30 minutes per day to such exercises in order to achieve the desirable effect.

The Kegel exercises can make penis thicker due to the intensification of blood circulation in the pubic area. This urges a much higher amount of blood to flow into the manhood. The increased blood volume is what makes the erections much firmer and fuller. The enhancement of erection fullness is what helps the man get a thicker penis than usually during the erection.

Penis Size and Self-Confidence

The majority of men who dream to make penis bigger actually don’t need to do anything with their penis size. Most often, the penis dimensions in such men fall within the absolutely normal range which doesn’t require any correction.

It’s a quite rare situation when the man really has every reason to worry about the measurements of his member. But in the majority of cases the issue of penis size is simply the issue of low self-confidence. And only the professional such as sex therapist or general counsellor can determine the true cause of such psychological state in a particular man and suggest the most effective and safe way out.

The highly competent assistance of the specialist will enable you to improve your both sexual and overall relationship with your partner even without any changes in the existing penis measurements.

Penis Growth Timeframe

The period of puberty is exactly the period when an adolescent can get a bigger penis absolutely naturally just due to the natural penis growth process.
Most frequently, the boys go through the puberty within the timeframe of being 12 to 16 years old. And this is when the penis elongates and thickens most of all. Sometimes, the puberty in boys lasts even from 8 to 14 years old. The exact timeframe when the boys experience the most intense manhood growth rate may differ depending on individual peculiarities of each boy’s state of health and hereditary background.
In most cases, the manhood ceasing enlarging in both length and circumference when the adolescent is 18 years old. However, there is evidence that in some adolescents the penis can increase in size till they become 20 years old and even somehow older. If till that age the young guy is still not satisfied with the member measurements, he may start guessing how to get a bigger dick and experiment with the penis enlargement techniques.

When to See a Doctor

Not each small penis is really as small as it seems to a particular man. A manhood may even be not small at all. But being moved with a desire to make penis thicker and longer, the men are in mad dash to find the methods of manhood enlargement.
If you are too much disturbed with the look and measurements of your member as well as often wonder how to grow a bigger cock, it’s recommended to schedule the healthcare provider’s appointment.
The general practitioner will carry out a physical exam and ensure encouragement with regard to your manhood dimensions. The doctor may check whether you have any medical conditions which may negatively affect your intimate health. If necessary, the healthcare provider will set a diagnosis and indicate appropriate treatment or refer you to the other medical expert for the consultation.
There are the situations when the visit to the doctor is really justifiable and the question of how to get a bigger penis may arise. Thus, the parents may notice abnormally small penis measurement in a child. This may indicate that the child has a micropenis. Such a suspicion is always a medically intended reason to go to the doctor and search for the early curing methods, enabling to make penis longer. This will prevent many problems in the adult man’s life.

What Is a Micropenis?

Micropenis is a term that identifies an extremely tiny manhood that nonetheless has an absolutely healthy structure. The formation of such a penis typically occurs due to the severe hormonal imbalance and hidden genetic defects. And this is what makes the men reasonably seek for the ways to get a bigger dick.
Micropenis is in fact a rarely occurring medical condition. The healthcare provider may establish a diagnosis of micropenis if the member’s length is 2.5 standard deviations less than the average member length in its stretched state. In other words, if the adult man has a penis with a stretched length less than 9.3 cm (3.66 inches), the healthcare practitioner diagnoses a micropenis.
In this case, the doctor and the patient may first of all consider how to make penis bigger naturally and what other treatment methods to use. But it’s much better if the diagnosis is set in the childhood. At the present moment, the uniform treatment approach doesn’t exist. The application of hormone therapy can contribute to the penis size increase in children who have a micropenis. Surgical method is one more way to get a bigger cock for the patients with a micropenis. The earlier a boy or a man gets a diagnosis, the more positive prognosis for a disease.

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